Cyber Mum Teams Up With Family Zone

You just need to tune into the news to understand that parents are struggling with keeping up to date with their kids in the digital space.

With technology being so complex and the average family home having many devices, it’s nearly impossible for parents to find effective ways to protect kids online.

Well the answer is finally here!  Cyber Mum Australia is proud to announce a new partnership with Family Zone the global first in online safety systems designed by parents for parents.

Family Zone brings together the best cyber experts, organisations and technologies into one easy to use web based filtering system to provide a stress free service where all the hard work has already been done.  It enables you to have peace of mind then your kids are at home and even better peace of mind when they’re on devices such as mobiles and tablets and away from your home.

Perth based telco veteran Tim Levy, the former chief of Kerry Stokes’ B Digital and founder of Mo’s Mobiles recently bought by Vodaphone , had an idea to enter the crowded world of internet filtering almost six years ago.

Fast forward to today and Mr Levy this week launches Family Zone and announces plans to list his Perth based company and raise up to $5.5 million in an initial public offering.

“It can be a really intimidating area for parents,” Mr Levy said.  “Plus it can be quite daunting to lock down home or mobile devices.  So when we started building this I realised the only way to get people to want to use it is by making it really easy.”

The result of years of development is the Family Zone box and app.  The box acts as a wireless access point which is plugged into a home router, re-routing all devices through it and giving total control to the parent.  While the app is installed on a child’s smartphone or tablet for out-of-home use.

The unique thing about the Family Zone product is everything is in one place, parents do not need to become full time administrators.  Family Zone has filtering controls and profiles so through the click of a button the parents can make a child’s internet access ‘sleep’.  Family Zone also relies on the expertise of Cyber Experts like Cyber Mum Australia who identify risks and assist with age appropriate guidelines and settings and set up daily routines for families.

Cyber Mum, Caroline Bleechmore added “These days it’s just too easy for kids to get into trouble online.  At last there is a system that will give parents peace of mind when their kids are online.  Family Zone helps parents manage everything from screen time, what kids are viewing, what they can access and when they can access it.  But most importantly Family Zone’s Cyber Experts form a partnership with parents to help keep them one step ahead of their digital savvy kids all as part of the Family Zone service.”

Simple and effective, this is the first system that actually works.  Last month Family Zone won the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance start up of the year award.

As an introductory offer from Cyber Mum, I’m giving my followers a special introductory offer to Family Zone making it an affordable lifesaver for busy parents.


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