Cyber Mum offers a variety of workshops and presentations on the topics of cyber safety and social media.  The primary focus of these presentations is to help parents talk the talk, and provide information for parents about the online practices of children.  All information presented is regularly updated to reflect the most current social media trends.

Please see the list below for the topics generally covered however presentations can be tailored to address specific needs of the participants.

  • Digital footprint
  • Cyber safety and online predators
  • Social Media – An insight into social media trends and platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Kik Messenger, Whats App and more
  • What kids are doing online that they don’t wan their parents to know
  • Strategies for online behaviour management
  • Privacy settings, parental controls
  • Sexting and pornography
  • Online safety for children aged 1 – 10
  • Gaming websites and apps
  • How to set boundaries around technology

Caroline’s ability to turn this complex issue into understandable and informative tips for parents, while using real life examples of what can and does go wrong, provides a powerful and compelling one hour presentation that no parent should miss.

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For further information please contact Cyber Mum at cyber-mum@hotmail.com